Cutting-edge technologies for your mission-critical systems

There are over 2.4 million miles of transmission and distribution pipelines in the United States. Each year on average there are 150 significant adverse pipeline events that result in loss of life, injuries and property damage. In addition, they also cost hundreds of millions of dollars in repair and restoration, and massive fines.
We provide concurrent real time monitoring of your entire network, powered by state of the art machine learning algorithms and novel data sources.
Using back-tested data we have been able to demonstrate the ability to proactively identify adverse events, with lead times of many hours in a significant number of cases. Early detection with sufficient advance warning is critical to launch an effective response and counter emerging threats

Delivers event intelligence enabling a customized response

Domain specific SMART models drive superior performance

Simply plug into our service. No cumbersome integration

Real-time response scales seamlessly with thousands of sensors